Information about The Infinite Harmony
photography by Alex Moomey
Location:    Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas

About the sessions:   I offer hands-on touch that facilitates energy
balancing. Re-Tuning the Body is available only to men because it
explores issues related to male sexual energy. Re-Tuning the Aura
and Re-Tuning the Energy are available to both men and women.

Workspace:   I work on a heated  table and use natural cream for
the Re-Tuning the Body sessions. The light colors are based on
Spectro-Chrome color therapy gels. The esthetic aromas  
are prepared from natural ingredients blended in France.

Rates:    Re-Tuning the Aura            $40

              Re-Tuning the Energy        $50

              Re-Tuning the Body           $60       1 hour   
                                                         $90     90 minutes

A set of eight sessions for Re-Tuning the Aura or Re-tuning the
Energy is $300. These are scheduled at times appropriate for both
client and therapist. A block of session can be paid for through

Availability:   I am generally available evenings and weekends
depending on my schedule. I can make appointments starting at 6:00
PM on most weeknights and 10:30 AM on weekends.

In or Out:  I take in-calls only.

Contact:  Jess Anthony



Please leave a message if I don't answer immediately. I'll call you
back as soon as I can. I won't schedule a session without speaking to
you first.  
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