Re-Tuning the Energy
The process for Re-Tuning the Energy is based on intent. Once
a client specifies a recipient for the energy work, my intent is all
that is necessary to make the session happen.

It doesn't matter if the person is physically present in the
Re-Tuning space or not. My visualizing the person on the table
creates an energy connection that is in place regardless of the
distance involved. Energy movement is not restricted by time or
space. Once I intend to send it, the Universal Energy is
transferred without my actively picturing the recipient.

The distant healing process involves tapping into the field of
energy that is the Earth.  Everything is energy and all are
connected, whether we realize it or not. The energy flows
through me and out to the client.
What is Re-Tuning the Energy?
Re-Tuning the Energy is a type of distance healing that uses
the basic process for
Re-Tuning the Aura. The recipient is
identified, and a color and a sound are selected that frame
the session. With an image of the recipient in mind as I begin,
I work through a complete hands-on sequence just sensing
the energy of the person on the table. Clear energy blocks
become evident as the session proceeds, and the necessary  
touch work is done in absentia. This abstract way of doing
hands-on work on a visualized client, in fact, allows a purer
focus on the client's energy levels than if the physical body
were under my hands to create personal blocks.

After the session, I notate any distinctive energy patterns I
have found, and I comment on the body work I did in the
process. These notes become a written report I send to the
client describing the specifics of the session and including my
reactions to what has occurred. I don't try to interpret the
results much beyond relaying them along with basic
explanations of what the elements of the session relate to. It is
up to the recipient to relate the comments to their own life and

The process for
Re-tuning the Energy is also effective when
scheduled in a series of sessions that uses the spectrum of
available color choices more fully. The process in a series of
eight sessions can work on more than one layer of physical,
emotional, or mental energy blocks with progressive results.
What is Distance Healing?
According to Quantum Physics, we live in
a world of energy. The energy is made up
of tiny bundles that act both as waves
and as particles. These are known as
quanta. Quantum Physics insists that
reality is discontinuous and paradoxical. A
quantum object can be in more than one
place at once, and doesn't exist in a
place-time reality until it appears as a
particle. A particle can disappear in one
place and simultaneously appear in
another, and observing one object in one
place can influence another particle in
another at the same time--no matter how
far apart. This is quantum action at a
distance, or nonlocality.

The method of healing at a distance
works with a visualization, or a mental
image, of the person to be healed. The
healer draws the image of the recipient
clearly in his or her mind, and when
performing a distant energy session,
keeps the recipient's visualized energetic
image mentally present. In this way, the
healer connects to the recipient's energy
field and conducts healing through his or
her mental energies. The energy work
happens with the healer and is
simultaneously felt in the recipient as a
result of the quantum principle of
image property of The Infinite Harmony
Everyone's physical body is surrounded by a "double" energetic body that contains his or her complete energetic
information, including details on all organs, parts and systems of the physical body. When
performing distance healing, practitioners work with the "double" of the physical body, at first perceiving its energy
structure and imbalances, and then sending additional energy to help cleanse and balance the energies in the
aura around the physical body. Energy is transmitted by the mind and is not restricted by place or time. The
practitioner's intent to help re-tune imbalances on the energy levels can bring health, vital energy, and balance to
the physical body as the recipient's
chakras begin to synchronize with the changed energy in his or her aura. The
chakras then help the recipient begin releasing blocks that have become manifested at the cellular
levels in the body as a physical symptom.
When does the Energy Body Develop?
The physical body of the baby is dependent on the energy of the Mother until it reaches the age of 7. At that
point, it begins to develop its own Etheric, or
Physical, energy body. Between the years of 7 and 14, a child
begins to have a sense of his or her own separateness.

The Astral or
Emotional body begins to develop between 14 and 21 when the adolescent begins to be pulled by
emotional conflicts. This is also when shape, color, and music become more important. Without a focus, the
emotional development can be weak.

The development of the
Mental body occurs between 21 and 28. The individual begins to think individually. This
presumes the Emotional body has already developed healthily.

The Causal or
Spiritual body begins to develop between 28 and 35.  This level connects with the person's
purpose  for this lifetime and begins to react to cosmic memories contained in the Akashic records.

The ages between 35 and 42 develop the
Buddhic Body. This level develops the vibrations for a person's
Individuality, which is the soul characteristic that distinguishes a person throughout various lifetimes. As
awareness of this body develops, a person's physical body begins to weaken in favor of more spiritual vitality.
This is a time in life when people began to nourish their spiritual aspect.

The last subtle body to develop is the
Atmic, and it appears between 42 and 49. At that point, a
multi-dimensional awareness begins to be expressed through spiritual and artistic creativity. The person begins
to connect with its soul's purpose and starts realizing it for the rest of this lifetime.

This information comes from Fabien Maman, Raising Human Frequencies: The Way of Chi and the Subtle
Tama-Do Press, 1997.
Spiritual Energy System,
image by  visionary artist Alex Grey, in Sacred Mirrors  
Nadis, or energy lines around the body