Re-Tuning theAura
The process for Re-Tuning the Aura leads a client to spiritual
cleaning by using touch, music, colored lights, and etheric
essences. This multi-sensory work on the client's subtle energy
fields uses body work to influence the etheric physical energy
level, sound vibration for the astral emotional level, and color
vibration for the mental energy level. This work in combination
with physical energy balancing create a powerful tool for
releasing mental and emotional blocks.

Music and color have major roles in the process. Just as
humans see different speeds of light vibrations as different
colors, they also hear sound waves oscillating at different
speeds to form separate pitches in a musical scale. Harmony in
music is the sound of many pitches creating a vibrational
pattern. A single pitch is static; harmony is movement.

In the same way as a stringed instrument or a color spectrum,
the human body produces its own sound and aura based on the
unique vibrations of its energy patterns. Each human instrument
is different, and the specific vibrational pattern holding its
molecules in place creates the material form each human being
aura photograph taken of Dawn Fazende,
editor of the
Mount Shasta Magazine
What is Re-Tuning the Aura?
Each session of Re-Tuning the Aura begins with the client choosing the color and sound he or she feels
most drawn to. The session is then created around the client with these particular vibrations. The selected
color and sounds are coupled with hands-on touch. The three levels of vibrational input create a powerful
resonance that is felt beyond a superficial level of awareness.

The sound choices are listed in broad groups of
etheric sounds, nature sounds, movements and
, and emotions. Each different sound corresponds to a particular piece of music or a particular
composer whose music embodies the essence of the selected sound. The particular vibrational
personality that makes up that sound is duplicated in the vibrational essence of music created by the
particular composer.  If the client lacks a certain vibrational resonance in his or her energy pattern, he or
she is able to connect with that matrix by listening to music by that composer and the client's Higher Self
selects accordingly.

Despite the client's need for specific vibrations, the body takes in sounds and color only in the amount
required to balance the energy circuit. The body has a self-regulator that monitors the amount of energy it
takes in. The process for
Re-Tuning the Aura allows the client to correct these imbalances on more than
just the physical level.

Each session for
Re-Tuning the Aura allows the client to connect with a different missing colors and
sounds. To be most beneficial, the process involves at least eight sessions for a full range of color
What is music?
Music is the relationship of the Universe. It is light. It is vibration. It is energy moving. It is recognized
everywhere in its basic language. People choose to be musicians because they want to impact with the
world and cause it to communicate and link. Music makes people want to join together spiritually. Music
causes peace. Music allows the listener to release and listen even more deeply. Music causes people to
bond. They merge their being into one energy, The energy of the Universe. It is a language that gives
direction how to do that.
How do Color and Sound affect the Physical Body?
Music is genetic and inborn. Vibration is the key to unlocking the treasure chest. The different sequences
in the DNA code are templates for recognizing melodies and harmonies in music. Patterns in music relate
to chemical and genetic strains within the human body. Clients react emotionally to certain music because
they relate the lines and shapes they hear to patterns that determine specific physiological states and
conditions in their makeup. They feel music inside them because it parallels their physical structure. They
recognize it on some level through its vibrations.
Re-Tuning the Soul acts on the body at its most basic
components. The music chosen speaks to the aspects of each client that need to be addressed. Some
part of the client understands this and causes him or her to choose what sounds to listen to. The
corresponding music is carefully selected to activate these strains within the client. My role as facilitator is
selecting which music to play for the client through my intuition of what the client’s choice is asking for.

In a way similar to music,  we associate brain waves of certain frequencies with certain colors. The brain
interprets the light waves and connects them with different colors it has been taught to associate with
certain feelings.  Scientists now understand that human reactions to these color brain waves are built on a
stockpile of memories. If the memories weren’t present, man would see or hear nothing. In many cases the
memories are blocked or misconnected. The Re-tuning process helps to release the blocks and allows a
cleaning of the clients' memories and thoughts.

From a physics perspective, whenever two energy systems vibrate together at different speeds, the
property of
resonance causes the two to transfer energy to each other. The property called entrainment
causes different vibrations of the same pitch to  vibrate at the same frequency when they sound together.
The faster vibration causes the slower one to match its speed when the two come in contact, in effect, re-
tuning as one pitch.

The energy fields that hold the human molecules in place are affected in the same way by outside
vibrations, The
chakras are the energy points that are the connectors between the vibrations coming into
the physical body and the energy patterns that form the material body.  Since each color is a different
frequency of vibration, people react to each color differently.  Each
chakra is stimulated by a different
speed of vibration and interacts with a different part of the physical body through the endocrine system
and the nervous system. Faster color vibrations set up re-tuned harmonic energy patterns by stimulating
chakra points within the human body.

chakras also react to different sounds that are categorized by a musical Circle of Fifths, which are a
sequence of pitches that are determined as five notes apart. The
chakra progression begins with the
second octave F 87.31 vibrations (on the piano); C 130.81; G 196 (third octave); D 293.66; A 440 (fourth
octave); E 659.26; B 987.77 (fifth octave); and F# 1479.97 (sixth octave.). The act of listening to music
involves a matrix of energy reactions where the notes in each piece of music interact with the listener's
chakras. Music is literally felt by the body.
How does Touch fit in?
The element of touch is just as important in the complete
package of
Re-Tuning the Aura. The version of hands-on
energy connection used in the process has a kinship to the
ancient  Hawaiian form of Huna healing known as
Kahi Loa,
which translates loosely as "oneness though the moving of
Sacred Energy." The word "kahi" also refers to light pressure
massage and to touch. The traditional Hawaiian approach
concentrates on the skin and uses touch to stimulate inner
healing by connecting the client to Nature.

According to the Hawaiians, the skin is an organ of elimination,
and toxins are exuded during the healing session. The skin
also holds much tension, and a lightly pressured finger or
hand motion can help to break up the physical blocks. In their
view, everything is alive and has energy. Touch is considered
sacred healing and provides a way to connect the client with
the Universal Life Force.

While aspects of the Hawaiian approach form the outline of the
process for
Re-Tuning the Aura, the actual format of the
hands-on body work  was designed by Fabien Maman in his
Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement for
vibrational healing. Through his research, Fabien discovered
key points in the body that react to specific vibrations and
frequencies. When stimulated by the appropriate vibrations,
each energy point in the body creates a resonance that
activates a physical response.  When stimulated on three
energy levels, the
Tama-Do Extra Points initiate deep healing
and release in the client
chakras and aura
What are the Subtle Bodies?
In his book Raising Human Frequencies: The Way of Chi and the Subtle Bodies, Fabien Maman
describes the human body as being surrounded by at least six subtler energy layers that are made from
matter that has an increasingly higher vibrational frequency. These make up the aura that can be seen
in Kirlian photography. Because the subtler bodies are higher frequencies, their energy wavelengths can
interpenetrate each other, as well as the physical body.

New research in genetics theorizes that the material form that makes up the physical body appeared first
in the subtler energy bodies. This pattern was imprinted on the DNA cells only after the energy vibration
had slowed down enough to form the pattern that holds the physical molecules of the body together The
human body in fact replicates the pattern that makes up the higher bodies. This continues throughout
life. The health of the physical body is dependent on the health of the subtle bodies.

Once the body's DNA is programmed, the subtle bodies exist as vibratory potential until a person's
awareness and consciousness begins to activate with these higher energy levels. Typically, human
beings develop this connection in seven year stages that correspond to physical and mental growth
through different phases of life.

In addition to shaping the physical body and levels of consciousness, the subtle bodies also act as filters
to the universal vibrations that reach the physical body. The finer vibrations of cosmic energy, light,
music, color, or physical movement are all picked up by the subtle bodies and held in that level until a
person's physical consciousness can integrate the stored information.

The energy vibrations that enter the body are then relayed to the physical organs by the
chakras. Acting
literally as electrical transformers, the
chakras reduce the higher frequencies of the subtle body
information into a denser and more accessible rate of vibration that can be distributed through the
physical body though the nervous system and the endocrine system.